Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 30 Photography challenge topic (Self-portrait) Queen Poo Pah

Day 1 of the personal challenge began with a self-portrait and Day 30 ends with a self-portrait.  This one was done as a  joke.

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Fundraising Goal:  50 cents

I'm ending the month with my first bouquet of summer.  I did this arrangement for a friend's 20th year in business celebration.  The company is growing, which is encouraging to hear.

After I took this picture, I tied a re-purposed scarf on the neck of the vase that complimented the flower colors.

Hot Cocoa rose
Yellow and pale orange mini roses

I have been housebound for the past week.  This was the first day I was able to drive around so I popped into Amador Thrift's Shop 1/2 sale.  Pictured below is two scarves, one pink and one gold, and a leopard print tank top.  Standing guard is the Romeo, previously part of a Teleflora gift.  Too bad for him, he is about to be de-frocked and sent to the great thrift shop beyond.  Muffy Vanderbear needs the costume for a circus-themed post.  This small vase/candelholder was part of the lot.  Grand Total: $3. 

The lighting was just right to photograph this colorful salad comprised of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, dried cranberries, topped with ranch dressing and roasted salted sunflower seeds.  Perfection!

Popped onto Monday quiz about me ....

1.  My fav Olympic sport?  Gymnastics, I was the captain of my high school team. 
2.  Healthiest meal I have eaten this past week?  Salad.   
3.  Unhealthiest meal I have eaten this past week?  The bowl of buttered popcorn I ate after the salad.  
4.  What jewelry do you wear every day?  Different piece, depending on my mood.  
5.  Since I amended this post (on a Thursday) to jump in on a Monday, how many of you posted on Monday, or, like me, joined in later?  


Pamela said...

I have just started thrifting. Found some almost new Gloria Vanderbilt shoes this weekend for $6! new follower - hope to get a follow back!

La Dama said...

I love that QueenPooPha photo of you.
That flower arrangement is gorgeous, you did a wonderful job.
Mmm I love fresh fruit with spicy powder piquin though.
You already know I am a scarf whore myself.

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