Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 13 Photography Challenge topic (Yourself with 13 Things) and a Blog Hop

"Yourself and 13 things" today's topic translates to my knees (qualifies as myself) and 13 pins, all collected from thrift shops.  In fact, the yarn that comprises the scarf adorned with the pins was a find from This-N-That thrift at their old location in East Sacramento, California, and a co-worker knitted the scarf for me.

Pins beginning at the top:

1.   Silver Singer Teenage Dressmaking Contest Qualifier's Award;

2.   Gold-toned cat's back with rhinestone collar;

3.   Man carrying Chinese lantern;

4.   Silver-toned bar with white rhinestones;

5.   Cat-eye gold-toned glasses with pave of white rhinestones at the corners;

6.   Green rhinestone gold-toned ribbon pin;

7.   Blue laminate star with pink rhinestone tails;

8.   Blue jeweled flower;

9.   Blue jeweled pave fish;

10. Silver-toned blue rhinestone bar pin;

11. Silver-toned white rhinestone ribbon pin;

12. Pink and blue butterfly pin with green rhinestone body;

13. Silver galloping horse pin.  

Aren't they Pintastic?  While galloping around the internet, I discovered Blog Hops and a (new to me) blog Vintage Boomer


Thrifty Miss Smith said...

I love that cat eye glasses pin :) So cute!

momto2 said...

Thanks for stopping by! You took some great photos; I love the roses at sunset!
-Sarah @


Lots of great finds! I ♥ thrift shops too :D

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I am now following, xoxo

Wandeezy said...

Love it! Stopping by from the hop. Saw your name and immediately knew I had to follow you! I am a thrift shopper :-)

Amy said...

My favorite is definitely the horse. Love it! Thanks for stopping by

Mama's Mumbo Jumbo said...

Visiting from the TGIF blogop. Looking forward to following your photo challenge. Great shots!

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