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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Saving the Images - Managing Media part 2

One of the downsides to collecting is sometimes you have to store stuff away for awhile. I know I must have this doll somewhere but I do not remember her at all. The image was captured on a rural road in Amador county. 
After storing all of my music to the "OneDrive," I am rounding up all of my pictures to store there also. Some I had stored on a thumb drive. Here is one from the 1961 Pacific Ocean Park series, a group of which I sold to someone the original slides. I kept the images of our family from that now-defunct park. That is a my mom, my brother, and a 2-year old me. 

This is a rescued slide from 
Unknown American City, placing it in the 1950s with those fin-tail cars in the foreground. I went through a phase of buying 35mm slides wherever I could find them. 

Some of the slides were marked with the description, this one being Paris, France Children's Ride at Eiffel Tower, Sept. 1957. 

And there is this amazing image Plaza del Signoria, Feb. 1966. 

An example of what I used to collect. It was a lot of someone else's vacation photos. 

I passed by some slides at an estate sale because they were priced too high. I do keep an eye out for them though. 

Countdown to Retirement has begun. Five months to go and retired in July 2024. I have all these plans estate saleing, thrifting, sewing, college classes, puzzles to start. You all know how it will end up - 

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