Sunday, February 11, 2024

Pre Super Bowl Sewing

I knew I would have time prior to the game to get in some patchwork piecing. I was able to cut the pieces and sew the flimsy. The 12 "doggy" blocks are mostly canines, with other animules thrown in. It is pinned to its intended backing. 

My goal is to have on hand 8-10 lap quilts to give as gifts. This is the beginning of this one, I am not quite sure how to embellish it yet. I am out of doggy print fabric. The next fabric pull will be from my stash to make these prints pop. 

I don't watch football during the regular season. I don't even watch the playoff games. But I will watch the Super Bowl. Advertisers debut their best commercials, and some are entertaining. I always enjoy the half-time show. 

Our snacky food items for the event include cheesy Italian sausage, fresh French rolls, all the fixins for sandwich, popcorn, and Diet Coke. 

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