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Monday, February 19, 2024

Cowboy Quilt Top Redone

I did not like direction I went with the first cowboy quilt top. When the new fabric arrived that I ordered, and I discovered a stack of mystery quilter star quilt blocks, a new flimsy was born.  I cut up the previous quilt top and incorporated some of the fabric into the new top.

When I began bordering the star quilt blocks, I noticed that some of them had red bleed. Red bleed is when red fabric bleeds into other surrounding fabrics and stains them red. There was a small amount of that on a few blocks. Now I know why mystery quilter rejected them. I think they are too stunning not to use in a quilt. They are well crafted and tie-in my rodeo bronc fabric.  

Here is the companion fabric I've ordered to supplement the backing. 

I lurk around a certain online auction. The best time to win is around the holidays. This was the beginning of the President’s Day weekend, and I happen to bid on pieced patchwork rather than loose fabric. 4 bags of wonderfulness headed my way. In those bags I see pieces of partial jelly rolls, some "x" blocks, and other goodness. 

My big box pink tulips are in full bloom. It was a surprise to me that they are pink and a bonus that they are ruffled. The ones left were yellow ones in full bloom so I choose a container that hadn’t bloomed yet. I thought they were going to be yellow ones.

Seller update - I am back at my sewing pattern eBay listing sessions. Hoping to hit a President's Day sale at thrift. 

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