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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Fan Quilt update, Whitey Comes to Town, and Morse Code

The 12 fan quilt blocks are sewn together with the purple paisley borders. I will stop for now until the fabric I have ordered arrives. 

I thought I might like some Kaffe Fassett fabric but nothing matched with my lower-key quilt. I opted for this Birds & Blooms Birds & Feathers Blue Paintbrush Studio E print for my borders.  

When I need a fabric for a certain project, I pop onto the FabShop hop and look for what I need while I enter the Hop to win prizes. 

I goofed up on my new laptop purchase, I thought it had touchscreen - which I had grown to love. But NO. It is a bigger screen though going from 13" to 17". I rarely travel now so a smaller laptop isn't necessary.  

The newest cat to join our clan is Whitey. He has been hanging around the property for months. In the new year he started to come nearer to the house by the cat feeding bowls. This week he came close enough that I could pet him. I am just guessing he is a him. A big cat he was clearly someone else's pet at one time. 
With the addition of Whitey, that makes 4 cats in the clan. Lucky, Susie, Xena, and Whitey.

Ending the post with an Morse Code instruction booklet that came with the Nye Viking Standard Key, the Mr. bought "just in case." Good to know we could transmit radio signals if there was a zombie apocalypse. 

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