Sunday, March 5, 2023

My Top 5 Best Selling Publications on eBay

Top 5 books that are my best sellers on eBay.

1.    The New York Times Cookbook (1961) by Craig Claiborne. I have a particular fondness for this one. It was one of my first cookbooks. I still use the teriyaki recipe to this day.

2.    Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1970) by Julia Child and Simone Beck, this one happens to be Volume 2. Our public broadcasting station runs Julia Child cooking shows every afternoon. I tune in when the Mr. isn't watching cowboy movies. Post update: This book sold the same day as listed.

3.    Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. The Red Plaids. These sold more on condition than year of publication. Here is a pandemic blip in sales - these books sold like hot cakes during that time frame. I had 20 of them in my inventory at one point. I have 2 left to sell.

4.    Sewing books, the older the publication, the better. This Singer Sewing Book (1954) is worth the price just for the graphics. These I also collect for my library.

From very old to very new, I will try my hand at selling this sewing publication.

5.    Tarot and Tattoo. Both are popular subjects.

The first two listed books, along with the Singer Sewing Book were Goodwill boutique finds, all same day. It was a happy Tami thrifting day.  

Those are the ones that are popular - vintage sewing and cookbooks, how-to, and specialty publications. 

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  1. Interesting what people will buy. If I bought a cook book, I'd feel like I had to cook. LOL