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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Making of the Dog Bed, Part 1

Our annual pilgrimage to the coast is fast approaching. The Princess of All (Zipper, our dog), needed a new dog bed. I had the fabric, and the patterns, so why not give it a whirl? 

I first tried Simplicity 4793 that I pulled from my eBay inventory. Good thing that I did, because the pattern was missing part of the pattern and instructions. I did keep the applique star pattern. 

The next pattern that I prepped for sewing was Simplicity 9065 - the large bed pictured in the upper left hand corner in the pattern pictured below. 

Finding an area big enough for cutting was a challenge. Both materials, the large floral print and the lightweight denim, are upholstery weight. 

The stars were raw edge appliqued onto the side panels. When it is laundered, the stars will fray around the edges. 

The zipper installation went pretty well. I hadn't created a zippered project in quite a few years. The cream colored zipper was sewn between the plackets. 

Part 2 will feature the further construction and completion of the dog bed. My sewing projects sort of lag along, now that I have dropped out of "competition" quilting. Both of my fabric art pieces received honorable mention at the California State Fair, but there was a snafu on the fair's part that my last submission wasn't exhibited. I won't detail it here. 

Thrifting update: A morning power outage meant a sweet escape from work to visit the hospice thrift. The online sellers were there when the doors opened. Had I been more awake, I would been able to purchase more of the boxed Hallmark ornaments. I bought 2, one I will keep and one I will sell.

My other purchases were fabric, 2 Raggedy Rag dolls, and uncut sewing patterns. $37 at one thrift store meant my budget was spent. 

I splurged with an online auction buy - I knew there were quilt blocks and fabric but that was it. Total spent including shipping $120.00. 

My heart sank when I opened the box - this is what I saw. Quilter's remnants. But beneath Mystery Quilter's remnants were 34 Grandma's Flower Garden blocks, along with a pieced section. Precut remnants ensure the finished project can be completed. 

I have always wanted a Grandma's Flower Garden. This one is unique in that it is done in vintage fabrics. I have an entire box full of replacement fabric along with the white spacer fabric and templates for cutting. 

Sometimes I have biffed on online auction purchases but this one was a winner. 

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