Saturday, June 25, 2022

Happy Birthday to Me

A happy to be alive birthday. I did one of my fav activities - thrifting! I will complete this nearly-finished packet of doll house accessories that include a rug, pillow, and picture frame. A great birthday present to me from mystery crafter. 

Quilting is a contact sport - it is you against the beast. It seems I have injured myself again and I can only attribute it to my full-on press to meet a deadline. Machine quilting, through any sewing machine other than a long-arm, is challenging. Quilting by check is definitely my future. I did utilize one service but she complained about my pieced backings, and I was not fond of the widely-spaced quilting designs she offered. 

So, I am splurging and sending in this basket block quilt top with a wide backing Moda Grunge basic grey to a new-to-me longarmer. 

Segueing to the subject of fabric and their use in reseller listings, I will utilize that Moda grunge fabric as my image background. I have also kept an eye out for yarn, see my post my-first-foray-into-yarn.

This is my first post using the tips from the video below. I was inspired to be more inventive in my eBay listings.

Until next time,

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