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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Just Call Me Jonah-ette, and a thrifting update

I spent the vast majority of my vacation doing nothing. Nothing being simple things like eating at restaurants, walking the dog, and soaking up sunshine. 

One side perk of being on the ocean was a random visit from a whale. It circled the boat a number of times. The Mr. thought because the boat is red, it stands out from the rest. 

We spent a number of hours trolling for salmon. One silver was caught but had to be released. There will be other fishing excursions over these summer months. 

On to a thrifting update - 

On my return home my fav hospice thrift had bag of fabric, yarn, pool noodles (10 cents ea.) for packing. A pink Ty poodle NWT hitched a ride to my remote office. 

One of the mystery bags of fabric contained two partially completed quilts, some panels, the publication to complete the Chevron quilt, and a plaid woven *sings the words*.

Here is the drawing from kind-of mystery quilter that incorporated the quilt blocks in the corner left. There are templates and fabrics intended for the project. I will need to iron out the quilt blocks.
I note kind-of mystery because pinned to some fabric was a copy of a local real estate agent's Travel Agent Card. She had passed in 2020, and it seemed the estate had been settled because no quilter would willingly give up her stash. 

I will sew together the quilt blocks she provided. Completed quilt tops are quick/easy sales for me on eBay. 

Ending the post with the cutest of the appliqued quilt blocks in this unique project.

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  1. Good to know about this. But didn't you feel frightened with the whale circling about the boat? I mean I am freaking out.