Sunday, June 5, 2022

COVID deals out another disappointment

I was all set to visit the mom in assisted living when they went into lockdown again!!! This is the third time I have had to cancel a trip, one week prior to my leaving. The flip side of having scheduled this time off is I will be able to be in Fort Bragg, California, for a week while Sacramentens suffer through predicted 100 degree heat. 

What did I do to stave off my disappointment? I engaged in thrift shop fabric therapy, buying two mystery bags for less than $7. The character cows in Santa hats is a little odd, but a great eBay order wrapper fabric. Love the bits of batik with a plaid woven thrown in for these orange/yellow remnants. 

Thankfully, we haven't had any recent bouts of the COVID in any family or friends. 

I knew it would be slow for eBay sales during the summer, since all of my items for sale are home-based activities. I am like a squirrel storing away for winter, here are the needlekits in my death pile. 

The cutest of the "quilt" sewing patterns I just listed. I bought these in a bagged lot and chose at least 80% to sell, the rest were thrifted back. There were 4 of these elinor peace bailey patterns.

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