Thursday, June 2, 2022

Rounding into June

Xnay on the retirementay. At 10 years as a state employee, I will receive a benefit of 50% state paid Medicare part C for the rest of my life. I need to work 1.7 years at a minimum to earn that benefit. Might as well make it 2 years and go to 65. So, no retirement for me in the the near months to come. 

I have all sorts of plans in retirement. I want to resume my art history classes. I would like to do a couple of jigsaw puzzles. Attending estate sales is at the top of my list. Fishing figures into my future as the Mr. bought a new boat. We waited a little too late on reservations for Fort Bragg, California, but might be able to squeak in at one of the coastal marinas. 

Here is an image of me hand sewing the binding on the state fair quilt. I found it easier to lay it on a bed so the bulk of the weight wasn't on me or laying on the floor. I would like to do a series of these types of quilts translating cubist paintings from the turn of the 20th century. We will see how this one places in the competition, results to be announced on June 8. I have never seen anything like my technique. 

Reselling update: I have made it habit to cross post my eBay listings to Pinterest. I focus on specialty sewing patterns, quilt blocks and tops, and clothing. 

These are the slow months in reselling. I am hoping things will revive in the fall. 

Ending the post with a vintage 1980s pattern quite intriguing, mainly for the names of the dolls.

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