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Monday, May 30, 2022

Learning the Ropes and Listing the Odds and Ends

The lead-off image is from the 1947 publication Sears Pastel Painting Step-by-Step. One of the books to be listed for sale. 

Right off the get-go a Reseller's update - my CD selling habits will drastically change now that I know how to do quick value research on my iPhone. When you have the eBay app open, you choose the camera icon, it will prompt "to point the camera at the bar code." You are then provided with current listings. Some CDs I am already aware of their value, so I don't need to scan those. Others I ignore the value, I rip nearly all of the music to my laptop so it is worth the $1 spent for the music obtained. 

I listed my first Christmas CD from my phone. The two areas I found it to be quicker is the auto-population of the information, and posting the pictures from my phone. This type of listing won't work for the specialized fabric items, and I like my method of scanning in sewing patterns. 

On to the subject of fabric - I have learned to buy those lines of fabric I like. For some reason, dark brown prints are hard to find. I have some National Parks quilt panels and bought some dark brown National Parks print. From the same online retailer, I found Moda grunge and bought both the wide and a standard print.

Segueing to Odds and Ends - sometimes I buy items that are not in my usual categories, the following are just a few of those listings. 

The catcher's mitt was $1 at a yard sale. Listed it for $22.

I have also learned to copy of competitor's listing by choosing, yes, I want to list something like this. I add my own photos and edit the post, and wallah half the work had been done by someone else. Not only do I like to use OPM (other people's money), I also like to use OPE (other people's efforts). 

Oooo, and this one I have to post. Most of the good stuff I stumble onto comes off the rolled-on-to-the-floor thrift shop racks. When I bought this 1964 Bridge for Two at $1.99, I saw the cards were there but what I didn't realize until I examined it was that it had never been opened.

And the yarn from my last post? I paid $1.49 per skein and listed the lot for $25.

My next round of eBay listings will include quilt patchwork pieced work that I kept for myself and have now decided to sell. Some projects capture my attention and I run with it, while other projects languish, until I eventually lose interest. As bad as *squirrel* but I chalk that up to the creative process. There were all types of quilt designs that I "oooed and ahhhed" over in the beginning, I have sold quite a few quilt blocks and quilt tops. There is always someone ready to give them new life. 

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