Saturday, May 28, 2022

My first foray into yarn

After dropping off my quilt for judging at the creative arts building for the California State Fair, my route home through Sacramento included three Goodwills. The background for my pale yellow sunflowers, the first from my greenhouse, is a $1.99 piece of patchwork from one of those locations (now listed for sale). 

As far as my blog title, this YouTube video inspired me to keep an eye out for yarn.  

I haven't decided whether to sell these Snuggly Wuggly yarns as single skeins or as a lot. I rarely run into quality yarn but Goodwill came through at $1.49 each. 

I am a believer in reselling CDs, especially the holiday ones. Admittedly, I did have two TUBs full of non-holiday CDs and thrifted them all back. For my CD slog, I start by researching them on eBay's Terapeak. If they have a history of selling for $5 or less, then I thrift those back also. 

The latest genre of CD I will test out is jazz. Quite of a few of that category recordings from the 1980s dropped at my fav hospice thrift. 

Next project in the quilting queue is a baby quilt. My hands have to recover from the race-to-the-finish completion of this last project. 

Ending the post with two uncut patterns of the day. In addition to selling patterns, I collect them. These two I won't let go any time soon, the first from 1957 and the second from 1961.

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  1. Don't you love those tiny waistlines from the 1957 pattern? Only in my dreams....