Sunday, May 8, 2022

Polynesian Patterns, and the Plant Sale

Every so often, there are sewing patterns I obtain that go into the keeper category. This set of 4 Polynesian patterns are those. There are 3 uncut ones, and I went back for the 4 cut one so I would have them all. 

There is no secret as to why I can give away fabric, many pounds a year, by wrapping my eBay orders in it.  I bought these two bags of fabric from mystery quilter at thrift, one $4.99, and the other $5.99. 

The $4.99 bag is all usable fabric, there were a couple of orphan blocks, a patriotic strip border, and other delights. There are pieces for a small flannel doll blanket. 

The $5.99 bag came with trims

Orphan holiday blocks and some festive prints, and a completed pillow cover. 

The character material is the type that I give away. Those types of prints usually don't work for my types of projects. The bear flannel will stay in my collection, along with the orphan blocks at the top left and top right. 

I stumbled onto the UC Master Gardener Program plant sale in Jackson, California, just as it was opening. I bought a scented geranium, some tomatoes and peppers, and an Aeonium. 

I will look for this sale next year and bring my own cart!

Wishing all a Happy Mother's Day ~

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