Saturday, July 2, 2022

Happy 4th of July holiday

The red and white crocheted blanket and USA patriotic wall hanging were both purchased last month at a 1/2 off thrift sale. It was almost criminal that I spent less than $5 for the two. I image the cost of just the yarn alone on that well crafted crocheted piece was over $30.

I bought the red and white blanket to sell, but now I just can't part with it. 

I sent a quilt to be completed at the long-armer as a birthday present to myself. My next project is a baby quilt. It should be a quick put-together of bordering the blocks, and sewing everything together. 

Recent listings on eBay were a group of needlekits. Those finds come in batches, so when I buy them, I just scoop them up. Even better if they are Christmas ones. I don't really examine them until I prepare them for listing. 

This kit I am especially fond of because I made the original when it came out in 1990s, and is displayed on the mantel each holiday season.

It will be Christmas in July for me because people buy holiday items all year round. Two of my listed kits sold next day. 

This display was at my fav hospice thrift - I would snag that flag quilt had I been in town.

We are back in Bragg - Fort Bragg, California. I hope to have more whale/fish pics in an upcoming post. 

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  1. Happy 4th of July! May you have a prosperous year ahead :)