Sunday, July 31, 2022

Christmas in July

An anomaly in the world of resell is Christmas-themed products selling in July. I recently listed holiday needle kits, and they sold quickly. I purchased a mystery bag of sewing-related items and this kit was part of it. 

I listen to a certain thrifting podcast and have learned some information on listing terms. 

Antique: Items that are over 100 years old. 
Vintage: Items that are old, my criteria is 1980s and earlier. 
Retro: New items that are made to look old

eBay now offers sellers the option to post videos. My next purchase is a rotating display stand for those types of videos. 

On a different subject, my family and I like Princess House lamps. We each have one. This recent find had a cracked lamp top. 

When I did a search to replace it, I was surprised to see the lamps fetch from $40-$100+. While I did not find another PH lamp, I did find a lead crystal one with flowers ($1.99 at thrift) that nearly matches another of my thrift shop find lamps. 

The last second hand find to highlight is this Goorin hat. I don't find too many of them and sold a blue one that I now wish I kept. This black and white checkered is beyond cute, but just a tad small for me. 

The fan is retro. I am tempted to model that hat, all I need to complete the outfit is a pair of Dr. Martens!

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