June challenges

Quilting challenge prompt for June is my Americana quilt, a big project with specialty blocks. Pattern found in a 1977 Quilt World magazine. This is more likely a project when I'm retired and have more years of experience with patchwork piecing.  

My daughter's Spice it Up quilt is next up in the queue. I am struggling with how complex I want to make it and my skill comfort level. 

Thrifting update: Half off at hospice, meant spending very little for an 8x8 glass pyrex dish, flat and fitted floral print sheets (washed in piping hot water), an "I love vinyl" t-shirt. 
I told myself I wouldn't but for $13, this pale green Singer followed me home. Eventually, I would like to display all of my retro machines on a wire rolling rack. 

The lightbulb was burned out and it took some coaxing to be able to replace it. I had a black dressmaker Singer that I scavenged for parts and then thrifted back. One of those parts was a working lightbulb. This machine sounds like it wants to work and is in great shape. I have lubed and oiled it and will see if it will unfreeze. 


Hello from Idaho and stop in from Sue. My mom had an old singer and it ran and ran. Although it needs a little tender care at this time.
I never been part of a quilting challenge. But I am person who challenge one self.
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