Singing the Baby Lock song

The sewing machine that I chose to upgrade to was the Baby Lock Jazz II. I am trading in my Brother quilting machine for this one. 
Image from the Baby Lock website
What I am doing differently is taking a weekend class on the new machine's operation. I also think online Baby Lock classes are part of the new machine bundle. 

Gardening update: It took me quite awhile to figure out this hopeful fix to this grapevine problem. If the birds didn't get the fruit, the raccoons and deer did. The deer would also decimate the vine, eat it down to the nubbins. 
Here you can see the backside of the greenhouse. Last year, I tried putting tomato cages around the vines. The year before that I tried bird netting. I have inverted the tomato cages to train the vines upward. 

My first thought was to try pool noodles because they are flexible but didn't want it to look tacky. When I saw we had two packets of bamboo poles, I zip tied 4 poles together and zip tied the poles to  the green metal poles. 

We will see if my experiment works. Gardening is hit and miss, especially when you have to deal with competing animals. The Mr. doesn't think my fix will work as the deer can rear up on their hind legs to eat the grape leaves. 


ShirleyC said…
That seems to be a great machine! I love Babylocks!

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