Four Thrift Shops Later and it's Time to Smell the Roses

Went thrifting in a different county and added to my vinyl record collection. I won't list those because I mainly look for 60s, disco, select 70s, some old time religion (Jimmy Swaggart, blame my Pentecostal roots), blues and jazz (both genres hard to find secondhand). 

Always on my hunt list is fabric. I passed by a bag of remnants at Goodwill. Priced at $4.50 it was affordable enough but none of it intrigued me. At my fourth and last stop, I found what I had hoped, not only fabric, but 81 nine patches at $1.99.
In that $1.99 bag was also more of the blue fabric, I'm guessing mystery quilter intended for the borders. That would have been a mistake. These blocks are already very pink and blue. I think a midnight blue or white to separate them might bring this all together. 

Mystery quilter also had three pages of detailed calculations, instructions and diagrams. I always wondered if I was a "fly by the seat of your pants" quilter, I'm sure of it now. I work out the quilt construction in my mind, working of course, with the physical layout. 

I want to practice my setting on point skills. That is a technique that you turn the block on its side. This would be a good project for that. One of my challenge quilts is the red basket blocks I purchased through an auction. My goal is to have it as next to perfect as possible. 

I am pretty much burned out on college. Attending for 8 years, online and evenings to complete an associate's degree. Well worth it, glad I finished. I have two classes I still want to take - Advanced Legal Writing and Modern Art. 

A milestone birthday is coming up. I will be 60 on the 25th of this month. It is time to smell the roses. I don't have to keep up with the competition any more in my career. If I advance another level in my job, wonderful. If not, it would be more than ok, because I value the people and place where I work. It would be hard to go to another department with all new people. 

As always, my interest lies in the fabric arts and fabric, there is just something about fabric! An upcoming hop on July 6 will be a fun one to visit, a year ago a few blogger/quilters linked up for the Piggy Back Savings Money for Quilting Challenge. 
We will reveal how much we saved and what quilting-related thing we intend to spend it on. 


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