Saturday, June 3, 2023

Working Twice as Hard for the Same Amount of Money

Lead off image is the Red Knot heading out of the harbor at Fort Bragg, California. 

We were the only small craft on the ocean that day. We were tossed about a bit, then came back in after a couple of hours. Ocean sport fishing is open at the 300 foot level, that means we had to resort to electric reels. No success this time, we will try again in July. 

Seller update: I ran some initial numbers for my June fiscal year. I was disappointed to find even adding 1,000+ active listings to my total, my sales were the same as fiscal last year. Maybe my Jan-Dec numbers will change adding in this year's holiday season. 

I know summers are slow sales for my type of items. Things that I list for sale are mainly indoor leisure activities: sewing, reading a book, listening to a CD, or doing needlework.

Well, on with the show, the best of a sewing pattern listing session is this Macaroon Christmas Tree. We are six months from Christmas when we land on my birthday of June 25.

The images on this pattern just had to be included - matching outfits so cute! 👀

I went to a couple of estate sales in Jackson, California. One was all man stuff so none of it appealed to me. There were a couple of unique items. 

The second one had overpriced items with the exception of books at 50 cents each. I still buy vintage cookbooks, they eventually sell. The two I hardcovers I bought were The New York Times International Cook Book (1971), and McCall's Cook Book (1963). I splurged on this well-crafted red white & blue crocheted blanket ($14), photographed in my patio area, and headed for the trailer for the 4th of July weekend. 

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