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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Who Knew Western Would Trend Back

As with all trends, they tend to circle back and Western wear is trending. I have my keeper Harley Davidson black hat and a pair of black Ariat boots. I love to line dance and haven't had the chance to do that for many years. 30 years have passed since the cowboy craze of the 1990s. 

I couldn't be happier that Fast Fashion is trending out - crappy clothes with crappy construction. 

Here are a couple of links on fashion this year.  


Glamour calls it "Cowboy Cosplay."

I find I am buying more retail clothing via online rather than secondhand. Thrift prices have gone up. I didn't mind spending a couple of dollars for a fun item (like that Mr. Bill t-shirt image above), but secondhand prices are inching closer to retail. 

Pattern of the Day was listed and sold this year. I bet more of my Western-themed patterns will start to move. 

This one was from 1992. A really fun time in my life, my kids were very young. We spent nearly every weekend at the country bars shuffling around on sawdust covered floors in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Viva la Western Wear!

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