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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Patterns and Paperwhites

Here is one day's worth of thrifting. I purchased only uncut sewing patterns, and some fabric. The paperwhites are new to the garden and have been in bloom for a few weeks now. 

The fabric makes me think Summer, so I may whip together a quilted wall hanging. This little $6 bag of thrifted fabric now joins my project bags. 

I have started to cull the quilt books from my inventory. Some I had bought for myself, some I had bought to sell. All will be thrifted back but the higher valued, Fons and Porter, Kaffe Fasset, and Tula Pink publications. I am further refining my listings with a price point of $15 or more. 

The question comes down to - What Are You Willing to Store? I have also lost the intrigue associated with CDs. While they are small items, it is a media that is trending out and has been for quite some time. I did very well the Christmas before-last with holiday CDs. This past season I only sold a few still sealed in package.  

The way I see it now - those local mom and pop stores? They are mostly gone. There are the big corporations and then there are the thousands of resellers around the country. We store all of those odds and ends that somebody might want someday. The ease to sell and ship is a marvel in itself. 

Back to my lead-off image, you can see how easy it can be for a deep dive into out-of-control products to list for sale. Not shown are books, yarn, crochet squares, and miscellany waiting to be listed. 

Here is one of the reasons why I love selling sewing patterns - Ending with a note left by a buyer: "Thank you! I made this dress for my daughter many years ago, but no longer have the pattern. I’m excited to be buying this to make for my granddaughters! "

1993 pattern

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