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Monday, January 9, 2023

Decluttering, Rearranging, and Detoxifying

Major room rearrangements resulted in a better way to display my crystal lamp collection. 

Rather than purchase another shelving unit for my product, I moved it down to the supply room. It was starting to look like a hot mess. There were containers of patterns on the floor and bagged crocheted blankets stuck between the tubs of sewing patterns. Now the blankets for sale are all on the top shelf of the wooden unit. 

When I first started reselling on eBay, all of my items for sale fit in a small corner of my room. The Mr. laughs at me when I tell him I envision a barn full of product for sale, with rows and rows of shelving. As a way of reference, in July 2019, I had 50 listings. It took me nearly a year to March of 2020 to double my listings. I now have 2,200 active listings. 

My latest sewing pattern session on eBay included a spate of extra cute ones.

The cute detail on the Blue Jean Buddies is their bodies are made from jean pockets.

Decluttering also meant getting rid of at least half of my book collection. I have winnowed it down to reference books, art publications, cooking, and quilting books. I will Terapeak research each one, and those books worth $10 and less will be thrifted back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 

The year has started out right for me, a certain health condition meant taking my diet in a different direction. The goal was not to lose weight, but to eat healthier portions. I have slowly segued to a vegetarian cuisine. There had been much feet dragging over eliminating meat. Not that I won't eat meat, it is just easier to digest in small doses. 

What is new in your life for this New Year? 

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