Friday, January 13, 2023

And Now Weather Confinement

Pattern of the Day features one of the more unusual lines - Folk & Whimsy. Featured above is Hetty, below is primitive snowangel Hark.

This round of confinement and remote working is weather related. While part of northern California swirls around us, we pick up after the storms. The greenhouse is nearly destroyed from the winds, only the metal frame remains. 

Reseller update: After I went through a major book collection purge, I ended up putting back about 10% of them. I am focusing on the higher dollar books to sell, and thrifting the rest back.  

Now comes the hard part of my second job. I need to do a detailed inventory of all of the sewing patterns. When I edited active listings, I deleted duplicates. eBay prompted that those items were unsold, and I would list them AGAIN not realizing what I had done. 

I even had items I listed and could not find. I think every reseller bumps into that problem at one time or another. 

A friend of mine forwarded the link from The Week


While the author makes a few good points, I don't agree with title. Low income persons do not normally travel to high income areas to shop thrift. There are higher quality items in high income areas. 

If you are talking about vintage clothing, that type of thing gets snapped up quickly. I think it is great that people are turning to recycling and repurposing. I sold a 1980s LA Gear Medium sized light denim jacket for $65 ($1 at a yard sale). 

Everything for sale at thrift eventually sells. Where does it all go? Some for resale, the rest, nobody knows. 

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