Monday, January 5, 2015

Spilled Milk

This is Day One of a Writing Challenge with the day's prompt being "Spilled Milk."  

I am going to cry over spilled milk!  How do I contend with these odd, unusual and near impossible prompts (listed below).

  • January 5: Spilled milk
  • January 6: Favorite winter comfort food
  • January 7: Willy Wonka’s greatest candy making secret
  • January 8: Travel
  • January 9: Invisible
  • January 12: What is “chill” and how do I do it?
  • January 13: Ten hotdogs
  • January 14: Favorite article of clothing for the winter
  • January 15: Dishing the dirt
  • January 16: The morning after
  • January 19: Word for the year
  • January 20: Newbies
  • January 21: Organizing
  • January 22: Bears, beans and beer
  • January 23: Frosty
  • January 26: 10 years ago, I was probably ___________
  • January 27: The awkward dinner party
  • January 28: Imagine that…
  • January 29: Steamed
  • January 30: And then there was one

I took this image on July 29, 2014, near the Sacramento Convention Center.   There was a group protesting something about cows and cheese and they were dedicated.  Dedicated because those folks in the cow suits endured late summer temperatures in the 90-100 degree range.  I am particularly impressed by the mounted police keeping watch over this suspicious gathering.  

My goal of this challenge is to post for each prompt.  I may not write a lot and may include an image or two.  

I've decided I won't cry over spilled milk.  Let the Challenge begin!  

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