Word for the Year

The Writing Challenge prompt is "Word for the Year." My word for this year is:

I have scads of it, way too much of it.  When I left my private practice job as a law firm administrator, my previous boss asked me how I would be happy at a public sector entry level job and I told him I would have to "claw my way back to the top."  That really is not my style, I am competitive though. 

I have fulfilled my year long probation as a State of California employee.  I went from a private office to working in a hallway, from supervising employees to being supervised, from worrying about whether I will continue to have a job to knowing I will always have one.  

The name of the game to promote within the State is to become list eligible or to qualify for certain positions.  Once you are on the list, you can send in an application packet when the position is posted. Since October I have gained entry onto six lists, mainly in the analyst/management realm, mailing out on average four application packets per week. I think of it as a job lottery.  Some of the Departments that interest me are:

Agricultural Labor Relations Board
California Community Colleges
California High-Speed Rail Authority
Department of Conservation
Department of Education
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Department of Insurance
Department of Justice
Department of Human Resources
Department of Managed Health Care
Department of Social Services
Department of Technology
State Compensation Insurance Fund
State Water Resources Control Board

There are over 500 State agencies.  

Those that become attached to the Department they are currently working for and only apply for positions within that Department lessen their odds of promoting. The outcome of non-promotion for a long term employee can sometime result in one having a disgruntled attitude.  

I will keep you posted on whether my theory is correct that multiple list eligibility and application submissions will result in a plum promotion.