Thursday, January 8, 2015

Travel and continuing on with the chill

The Writing Prompt is "Travel."  Having started a new job a year ago, I haven't had much opportunity to travel.  I do have my bucket list of locations I would like to visit and they are:

1.  Cuba.  Now that the "chill" is ending with that country, it appears as though I may be able to visit. 

2.  Chile.  From what I have read, the climate in Chile is similar to Northern California ... and they have salmon, one of my fav foods.

3.  New Orleans.  I have always wanted to visit New Orleans, Louisiana, NOT during Mardi Gras but off season.

4.  Puerto Rico.  One advantage to this location is it is a territory of the U.S. 

5.  Hawaii.  I would at least like to say I visited one of the islands.  I hear Kauai is the one to see.  

What travel places are on your bucket list?  

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