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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Sarcasm, Snark & Sass Blogfest and Ode to Platinum Hair

Linking up with a great gal, L.G. Keltner, for her ~

This link just has to be shared and fits right in the sarcasm theme,

Prompt of "Invisible."  

Ode to Platinum Hair

My platinum hair - I've earned the right to wear it.
While it sometimes make me feel invisible,
I cannot deny my youth has passed on by.

I'm free to wear the clothes that would have caused disdain,
if worn to meetings at the P.T.A. (parent teachers association).
It's my hair, you see, that has caused me to be this way.

Who is that person I see in window-front reflections?
That platinum-haired person passing by?  Sweet Mother of Francis Ford Coppola, it's me!  

But that hair, shining pure white in the day's light, realizes discounts of the senior citizen kind.  While I still feel like I'm that brunette from days gone by, it is my platinum hair that keeps my spry.  

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