Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 30 - Just the stats maam and Traveling Yellow Skirt update

Day 30 - 31dbbb encourages participants to monitor their blog stats.  I do that through Blogger and Google Analytics.  What I find of most interest are those who have visited me from other countries.  I'm gaining ground in China - helllooo newbie readers!

This 31dbbb prompt directs the blogger to view "what questions are being asked" when readers type queries into search engines.  I know some bloggers have made entire, quite hilarious, posts about just that.  I had wondered why my Top 10 movies post was number one and now I know, there are 3,500 impressions where searchers hit on the key word "movie."

The next search term, and this one makes me smile, is "fluffy bunnies."  900 impressions.  I may have mentioned it once.  Do I have fluffy bunnies in my blog.  Nope.  But it must be somewhere ... in there ... the bunnies, that is.

Some of the odder search queries, I can account for some of them .... funky watusi, set phasers to fun, Sunday School projects and no country for old ninja.

I think the morale to the story here is be creative in your post titles.  What humorous search queries have been entered for your blog?

The Traveling Yellow Skirt was modeled by Ariane of http://stylesud-est.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-travelling-yellow-skirt-went-to.html.  She lit of those Cuban beaches with her gloriousness!


The skirt then travels on to Tamera of Menopausel Supermodel.

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