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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 24 - How to Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog, or my thought, "Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?"

Digging up the old mags for inspiration.  Why old media?  Marketing, babee, marketing.  I recently took a marketing class.  I was thinking - what fun!  After taking the course, I now think - fun?  Not so much.

I do enjoy print layout and content writing (to an extent).  When blogging starts to get tedious, it is time to quit.

Bloggers that have gone viral intrigue me.  I know how much effort it takes to keep just one blog up and running.  I can't image juggling two or more blogs, as I know some do.  As with any creative process, it takes chutzpah to post to an online audience.

What, in blogland, provides inspiration to you?

As an aside, I thought Google Friend Connect went the way of Google Reader, but it has not, especially those on Blogger.  My widget is back up and running ~

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