Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 15 - Find a blog buddy

Day 15 - Find a blog buddy.  I discovered this tenent early on with my blog.  Actually, I had a starter blog, a very obscure starter blog (in other words, I had no readers).  I knew I had to find at least one thing that appealed to a niche group, thus Thrift Shop Commando was born.  I began by highlighting my thrift shop finds.  As I stumbled onto other blogs, I found a group that shop secondhand and then model their ensembles in fashion posts.  I knew I had found my kindred spirits.  It is so much fun being part of the modeling/blogging/thrifting community.  I routinely link back to that group and am still discovering others that make me smile.

Have you found your blogging buddies yet?

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