Monday, August 29, 2022

Freebies and Treasures

I am on track to complete my listing goals of books and sealed CDs. I was all set to list for sale this 1976 publication of Treasures from Throwaways. It was a giveaway scored from a fav thrift. I pulled it from the sale pile because I can use it for either my AtoZ posts or do a spoof on some of the crafts. The lead off image is a cardboard tree from that book. 

The book also highlights painted furniture. Funny how things like that trend back. 

Now that the holiday selling season is looming, I am ratcheting up my efforts to get product listed. I have been concentrating on sealed CDs. Some of my best CD finds have been from the thrift shop State of the Ark in Fort Bragg, California. This Rambo Mix is the best of the bunch.

All throughout the summer my eBay listings posted averaged 25 items per month. August was deemed crocheted-blanket-month. I gained this beaut for a few dollars half off at thrift. Bought one day, listed the next. If only I could do that with all of my items, August's blankets are now listed.

Ending the post with the Pattern of the Day - cutest of the bunch of the sewing pattern sessions.

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