Tuesday, August 23, 2022

How much is that dolly in the window?

I thought I was back in business buying a bag of doll clothes for $1.99 at thrift. A few years ago, I found bags of Barbie clothes. I lotted them up by color and all of the lots sold. But for my recent purchase bag, only two articles of American Girl dresses were keepers. Not too bad for a buck a dress. My fav Hallmark bear sports the cutest of the two dresses.  

My pattern collecting, of course, continues. Here is one most unique, at first I thought it was a pattern for a full-sized chair. On closer inspection, there are eyeglasses resting on the chair in the picture, and the instructions note "Only for bears, bunnies, and dolls." 


eBay Open 2022 will be held September 21-23. It is hybrid event for eBay sellers. Only those who live near New York, Austin, and Los Angeles, can attend in person and those live events have sold out. I would really love to attend one of those events in person. 

Ending the post with this neato Treehugger graphic. I do beg to differ on "shopping at the Thrift Store Leads to Less Hoarding." I have so. much. stuff, especially fabric. I buy it in bulk and give away all of the character prints. 

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