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Sunday, August 7, 2022

While the Cat is Away

Half off day at thrift produced both the laundry sign and the crocheted blanket for less than $5. I buy those blankets to sell and then I end up keeping them. 

While the Mr. is away at fish camp, I am sourcing. I average spending $25 at each thrift location, finding my specialty items of sewing patterns, books, CDs, and needlekits. Since I have ramped up my business, I spend more on product, than I do for myself. 

There are certain sewing patterns I keep for myself, this vintage Butterick is one of them. 

This pattern hits on two cylinders, it is an apron, and there is cross-stitch involved. 

This may be the only issue of this obscure Pentecostal church collector plate - The Church by the Side of the Road, in Seattle, Washington. Discovered in one of my mom's cabinets while packing up her apartment. 

I am busy listing books on eBay. While the red plaid cookbooks have not been moving as quickly as before, they do eventually sell. A couple of recent finds in that category were the Fannie Farmer Cookbook (1984), and the Vogue Sewing Book (1970, first ed.).

Ending the post with the image of a peahen that has adopted us. She is quite the character, a peahen stalker. You will be involved in some task around the ranch, and you look up, and there is that peahen. I have named her Matilda. 

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