Piggy Bank Savings bought me Atomic Starburst

A year has now passed since I committed to the Money for Quilting Challenge hosted by Val at myplvl.blogspot.com.  
My intent with this challenge was to save money for longarmer charges but found one that is reasonable and have sent her three quilts so far. 

Back to the original intent to purchase fabric. I wanted something cool and zoomy. My piggy bank savings totaled $40 in bills, $22 in change. Not the most stellar savings total, but admittedly, I kept forgetting to put money away. 

Nearly every month I participate in the FabHopShop. While looking for certain icons, I check out the quilt kits or new arrivals or fabric collections. 

At first, I was not a fan of color coordinated fabrics. I discovered certain fabrics are coveted. Once stock is bought up, it is gone. On a wing and prayer you may be able to find a specific fabric on an online auction.  

Back to my reveal of how I spent my piggy bank savings, this is the first time I have bought a bundled fabric collection, this one being Palm Canyon by Violet Craft for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. In addition, the first time I have bought a pattern for the Atomic Starburst quilt. I've purchased quilt patterns at thrift shops, but not a full fledged retail pattern.
Other retail fabric purchases I allowed myself were 4 yards of midnight blue batik. I use that fabric for binding and think it might marry well with the blocks shown here. I had also used up all of my low volume fabric on recent projects so I supplemented my stash with Champagne fat quarter bundle by Art Gallery Fabrics. 

Love all these new fabrics and my new sewing machine. I'm set for whipping up some wonderful creations. 

On another topic - let's talk about Quilter's Guilt. That is when you have promised someone a quilt and a long time has passed between the promise and the creation (sometimes years). The group was split on the topic when it came up in my American Patchwork & Quilting FB page. Some said gift the promised quilt, others said - make a different quilt (the poster wanted to keep her promised creation), or just let it slide. It had been over 8 years since the quilt was promised and both women had moved on to different jobs, etc. 

I am pretty good about giving away my promised projects so I won't suffer from Quilter's Guilt. 

Be sure to visit the others on this hop to see how well they did in the yearlong savings challenge. 


Fun buys! I know how hard it is for a die-hard thrifter to pay retail, LOL!! Your quilter's guilt question is a tough one, sounds like the original poster needs to do the quilt she promised because she is bothered enough to feel guilty that she hasn't followed through. I try not to make those kinds of promises, instead making quilt gifts as surprises so if I don't get it done, no one knows.
Farm Quilter said…
Saving cash gets more and more difficult as we all use plastic to make all our purchases. You did well!! Hmmm, I promised a wedding quilt and life interfered before I could get it done and in 2 years they were divorced. Made me glad I didn't get it finished. Maybe I should give them for the 10th anniversary!!
Susie said…
I love the fabrics you have bought and it is great if you have one specific probject in mind.

With regard to Quilter's Guilt I don't offer a quilt unless I can get it done and give it just for that reason. Most of the quilts I have done are Baby quilts with a specific date to be done by!!!!!

Can't wait to see the quilt when you have made it with your piggy bank savings.

Hugs, Susie
I'm so glad you got to enjoy treating yourself with your savings! We got our change counted and I ended up with $105.00. So looks like I'll be building those shelves!! Hey...thanks for your enthusiasm in joining the challenge. I've always been a piggy bank saver and will continue to do so. :) :)

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