CA State Fair & Food Festival 2019, pt. 1

One of my yearly traditions is a visit to the wine garden at the fair and this year was no different. 
I was granted a Media Season Pass for a second year in a row to the California State Fair. While I am not a creative arts participant this year, I did want to check out my competition for 2020. This post will focus on mainly fiber art. Tomorrow's post will feature fine art and furry animals. But before we get to that, a shout-out to the team that created the Amador County exhibit. The panels are painted, one depicting Preston Castle. They hit it out of the park, it is placed at one of the entrances in the county exhibits building.

And on to the quilts and fiber art.
Birth of Venus by Alissa McBain, Sacramento
Modern Quilts - First Place

Circle Sensation with Swags by Marianne Mulheren, Mendocino
Appliqued Quilts - Fourth Place
I like how the purple mannequin is pointing in the quilt's direction.
I did not get the names of the artists on the hanging quilts.

My Guardian Angel by Mary Boyer, Sacramento
Other Technique Quilts, Best of Division and First Place

Loving Amsterdam by Jan Soules
Art Quilt, Juror's Choice, Best of Division and First Place
It was a shame the Loving Amsterdam piece was behind glass.  It  was hard to photograph. The image below is another creation I would have liked to been up close and personal. The glass and lighting interfered with viewing the amazing artistry. 
Lady in Red Portrait by Joan Schlinkert
I think it was called Counted Embroidery
And on to some fun stuff, you can guess which caught my eye.Question for quilters: Do you keep finished quilts to give as gifts? We recently had guests from out of town who had two ten-year old twins, boy and girl. You never know if people will like quilts (some don't), so when the visitors exclaimed their delight at one of my quilts, I promptly gifted it to them (quilt shown here). While it was not my best work, it felt good to be able to send them home with a homemade gift. 

Finally, I have decided to sell some of my fabric. I see there is a "used fabric" category on Ebay. My goal is to sell enough fabric to cover the cost of the new sewing machine. 


Yes I always have a pile that I consider my sharing quilts. I usually give my guests 3 to choose their favorite from. They usually surprise me and not choose the one I thought they would like best.

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