Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best of 2018 Linky Party

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I like to do these year-end posts. It is fun for me to see what was successful and what resonated with my audience.  

I spent some time on Google analytics yesterday trying to run the report on search terms or what people searched for on my blog. In year's past it has been entertaining, like why would someone search "porcupine" or some other obscure word, words that may have never appeared on your blog. But my analytics were "broken" for this year, having to tweek some settings so my reports will run for next year. 
My work-around for grabbing my top five was to change my setting on my popular posts from 30 days to one year, and walah!

Here are the actual links below for those popular posts.  

Quilt-qwazy-queens-and-kitsch-quilt - because of the red and green colorway in this one, it was perfect to have displayed during the holidays.  

Party-on-with-picnic-quilt - this is my current bed quilt. 

The-encounter-abstract-in-fabric - this one I am quite proud of having earned an honorable mention in the California State Fair 2018. 

Statement-quilt-fail - Such a pretty colorway on this lap quilt, I am thinking of removing the black lettering and softening with some applique. Not my best work as I was having machine troubles at the time. 

The-colts-quilt - A gift to the Mr.'s daughter, I normally don't do sports-themed quilts.  

So looking forward to 2019, pop over here to see more of what I have planned in the months to come 2019 Planning Party.

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