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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Statement Quilt Fail

A few months ago, I entered a Statement Quilt in an art competition hosted by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) with a special emphasis on the challenges faced by caregivers and those seeking care in the LBGT community. While I am none of those letters, it did not preclude me from entering. I did not win. I question whether I should have pieced the letters rather than appliqued them but in the grand scheme of things, it probably didn't make any difference. I am curious what type of piece and methodology won the competition.

Will I make another Statement Quilt? Most likely not, but for the time being this one keeps me warm at work. I turn the letters on the inside and enjoy its warmth.

Turning to a manageable challenge, I am following along with for the 2018 Color Challenge with January's color being red. How perfect is that? I decided to tackle some red and white blocks for a sampler. Here is one of those blocks. Combined with my monthly blocks I will try to highlight snippets of Sacramento public art (one building-side painting you can see in the far left of the image). 

Next month's color will be blue - lawd knows I have more than enough blue fabric so that won't be a problem.  

Pattern of the Day is a sweet one from 1964

Linking up with Amanda Jean at for Finish It Up Friday.

If you are interested, signups are now open for the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop focusing on UFOs finished and possibly traded.

Have you ever made a Statement Quilt or would you?

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