Sunday, January 21, 2018

Art streak continues

My thrift shop finds of signed artwork do not come without effort. At work, I routinely check 3 within walking distance on a weekly basis. At home, there are 4 more thrift shops. When I visit relatives, there are another 2. One of the largest in the foothills is Snowlinehospice in Placerville, California. That is where this beauty was found, rang up as $3 under "general prints." 

I discovered the lighting was perfect propped in front of my dashboard! This was also in a rolling bin with other framed pictures. This year I have decided to take the time to dig through the frames and pictures. I have been greatly rewarded with a find of an acrylic on canvas and now this print. 

As I do with my clothes, I am going to do the same with my artwork. Rather than think, I have too many pictures already, I will just upgrade. If I tire of it, I can just donate it back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 

Saturday's stops meant running into a donation of silver, plates and platters, all manner of silver. Either an antique store went out of business or it was someone who collected it. I picked up this faux pitcher and am deciding whether to polish it.

Looking back, I realized that I have found quite a few amazing art pieces. Of course, they have to pass the "gotta love it" test. If you don't love it, why buy it? 

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