Sunday, January 7, 2018

Lap quilt for me *sings the word*

Most crafters will tell you they give away or sell most of their creations. It was about time I made a lap quilt for myself. I finished quilting this at year's end opting to cross-hatch. Binding usually takes me a few days because I hand sew while I watch TV. Most of the fabrics used in this quilt were the result of a seamstress friend's destash.
I purchased the entire end of bolt on the red flannel, almost but not quite covering the entire piece. It is the second time I have used a flannel for a backing and think I prefer it for winter quilts, giving them some heft.

As has been my practice for the past few years, I have been able to find thrifted cashmere sweaters for $10 or less, especially around this time of year. The five or so I have purchased recently require minimal mending, closing a moth hole or two. I then send them to the dry cleaners with some being de-pilled. 

My new project is a going to be a sampler, constructing blocks to supplement the three shown below. There are pieces of blocks and varying sizes of precuts. 

It fits in perfectly with the January Color Challenge at I will be posting a block creation on Instagram as tamaschen under #2018MonthlyColorChallenge. Of course, further detail on my Red Sampler progress will be posted here.

There are two June babies due of co-workers on my team. I will make both lap quilts at the same time. Those go together quickly and easily with minimal quilting. 

Since it is a red kind of day, Pattern of the Day is from 1967.

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