Monday, December 3, 2018

Pinned Christmas Tree and the Advent of Kindness

Countdown to Christmas Day 3 celebrates my newest creation, pins and brooches on a fabric Christmas tree. 

Shortcutting my project list, here was my intention to piece one like the image below. 
I found this secondhand Christmas tree wall hanging. Even though it was mass-produced, it was perfect for this project. I had been collecting Christmas pins for quite some time and saw the idea of pinning them to a fabric tree. 
$5 thrift shop find
Linking up with moosestashquilting for the Holiday Hanging and Linky Party. 

Here are close-ups of some of the pins.

The piece de resistance and perfect for the treetop star!
Retro pin made of metal and costume jewelry.

My newest acquisition this year
Given to me by my mom

What I'm listening to:

Abstract tree pin
Ones of those "Wish I would
have bought"
Saw this posted on another site and thought it worth a share:

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