Sunday, November 6, 2016

Social media shutdown

In years past, I have highlighted other blogs in a Top Ten of favorites. I stopped that practice because I would become fond of bloggers and what they were posting and then they would disappear. I do know life happens, there are some that leave this world when the fates pull the string. There are others that post they are going through a marriage breakup or an awful illness. Blogging certainly does take a back seat to any and all life's interruptions.

I do keep a blogroll of my favorites, my absolute "I can't miss a post" type of blogs. There are also about 100 on my Feedly. The reason I prefer to read blogs over any other type of medium is I feel a connection, like I personally know the blogger (which I don't). I have been fortunate to meet a few of the fashion bloggers in real life.

I have experienced a disturbance in the force, and have disconnected from all social media with the exception of Blogger and Google+.  Apologies to those followers who read my posts through Facebook and Twitter, those feeds have been shut down. I will no longer be found on Instagram and LinkedIn. I have also kept Pinterest but that site I use mainly to pin images related to my crafting projects.
Baby doll represents how I feel about my social media overload

I do have mixed feelings about Facebook. It is not the same Facebook as in the beginning of time. All of my feeds would come through the home page, I didn't have to go to the pages feed to see those posts that weren't sponsored.

My news sources have been Facebook, which they shouldn't be. It kind of throws me off looking to FB for entertainment and then reading about some awful atrocity that has occurred in another part of the world. I can't reconcile the two. 

On the other hand, there are relatives and decades-old friends that I have no other contact with other than that site. Just for that reason alone, I may have to reinstate my account. 

11-10-16 Post update: I reinstated Facebook, I missed seeing posts from my friends and family. I didn't miss the pre, during and post election drama though.
11-28-16 Post update: I reinstated Instagram but under another name. Seems I deleted the account rather than disabled it. I will now be posting under "tamaschen."

I also stumbled onto mention of an online series about the supposed evils of technology.  The gist of it is outlined in this newyorker article.

Stay with me readers, I so enjoy blogging, just going through a #socialmediashutdown right now.

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