Monday, November 21, 2016

Page views - what does and doesn't work

Having blogged now for almost 10 years, beginning with a starter blog that no one followed with the inception of this current blog, I can look back to what has and what hasn't been successful for page views. 

Since my blog premise begins with thrift shopping, I never really look to those posts being on the "must see" list. I usually combine my find posts with other material so it can be scrolled past for those not interested. 

What hasn't been successful is posting images from retro 35mm slides. While I enjoy the process, most people aren't interested in say, Disneyland-1961

Another non-success has been cartooning. Another activity I enjoy from time to time, but not a popular page view item. 

Posts centering around photography. Lovely to look at but ends there.

Fashion posts of thrifted ensembles. I truly love showing what can be done with thrifted fashion but it appeals to a very limited audience - other fashion bloggers. I bought my stand-in, a Classic Queen sewing mannequin from, you guessed it, Sally will show what I shy away from now.
Writing challenges - since I am in the middle of one now, I can tell you page views hold steady. I have gained a few new followers recently (welcome!).

Most surprising have been my posts on refashioning, sewing alterations and quilting. I never knew there was such an extensive audience for this type of thing. It is one of the main reasons my blog has taken a turn to highlighting the creative.

Bloggers, what do you find gains (or loses) an audience?

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