Monday, November 14, 2016

Blue hopping Monday and I was once a bluebird

Blue hopping Monday with Jeanne at I haven't linked up with this group in a long time so it is way overdue to introduce her to the Nano Poblanoers and my readers.

Blue Bradley doll a recent inmate at

I am catching up on my scanning and found this Bluebird pamphlet from 1965. I really liked Campfire Girls but there were no leaders for the pack and my mom didn't want to take it on.

My favorite part of the pamphlet is the phrase "to want to keep my temper most of the time."

Also sharing some quilt block images (1963 Woman's Day Book of American Needlework)

Then blue blue blue Patterns of the Day, leading off with a 1950s Butterick

1963 Simplicity

1965 Simplicity

1969 McCall's

What blues are in your life today?

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