Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Top Five impulse buys for 2016

This being my last prompt of the challenge to flesh out, I found a Nano Poblanoer from across the pond that listed my-top-ten-impulse-buys-of-2016, and my Top Five Impulse Buys for 2016 was born.

My impulse buys are strictly thrifted items, and away we go.

1.  A package of clothespins. Do I own a laundry line? No. Do I hang my laundry? No. What possible use did I see for these retro objects du jour? To hang my quilts for photographing? To affix to my earlobes to keep me from eating because I will be so distracted by the pain. Perhaps.  

2.  Magnets. The more, the merrier. I affix them to the magnetic board I have hanging in my cubicle.

3.  Madame Alexanderkins dolls. Just - cannot - resist - them. I have found the majority of them at Salvation Army for a dollar or two.

4.  Men's fedoras. I just love hats. I rarely wear them but I keep collecting them. I tell myself I can resell them, then I never do.

5.  Oh and fabric, let's just not mention that. I'm swimming in yards of fabric. I have imposed a fabric buying moratorium on myself.

What causes you to go impulse buying crazy?

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