Friday, November 11, 2016

Six reasons that make me read a blog

Back to the Promptosaur for Nano Poblano, where I chose "Six things that will make you read a blog."  And a Madame Alexanderkins fall angel image thrown in for good measure and because I loves my dollies. 

My number 1 top draw to a blog is humor. If your writing style incorporates humor, I am drawn to you like a moth to light. 

No. 2 reason - if you are in my age group. Baby boomer? I'm your audience. 

No. 3 reason - Female? While I do read some male-created blogs, the majority of my blogroll lists those of the feminine type.

No. 4 reason - Well written. I cringe when sentences and phrases are butchered English (guess it is the English major in me).

No. 5 reason - If you blog about any one of my interests: quilting, sewing, thrifting, reselling, fashion, thrifted fashion, or laugh out loud hilarious (see Reason No. 1).

No. 6 reason - you like me, you really like me, if you have linked back or mentioned me or listed me on your blogroll.  Blog following love is thrown your way. 

What are your six reasons? 

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