Saturday, August 13, 2016

Now I get it, why Instagram is so much fun

The reason I think Instagram is so much fun is you can distill an idea into one image, post with a hashtag and discover all of the others in that category. This is the latest one I have posted to participating in an IG contest hosted by theb***hystitcher. The prompt for Friday, August 12th is #mysewingroommascot and she has joined my clan.

I spent less than $5 for the lot at hospice thrift of the doll (missing one arm $1.50), clip-on earrings on her sunbonnet ($1.50) and Disney salt and pepper shaker bells ($1.50).

If you want to join in, her next prompt will land on Monday, August 15th and continue through Thursday, August 18.

Photo contests are tons of fun. I was having a tough time finding a group to share images through the blogging world, Instagram has saved the day!

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  1. Souds like fun, Tami. I guess I will be on Instagram at some point