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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Crime and what does it have to do with me?

While I rarely write about my work and have recently taken some side trips posting about Pok√©mon Go (no fear regular readers, quilting and fashion posts will soon return), there are some observations I have made after reading page upon page of California criminal appeals. 

What you read or see in the news is just a small portion of the detail related to violent crime. It is heartbreaking and there are times I weep for the victims as I read the statement of facts for accuracy. 

What I can offer is advice you have probably seen - most likely also given from law enforcement. 

Be aware of your surroundings - that includes walking, jogging while listening to your iPod with ear plugs, better to be "unplugged."

Women - do not go to bars alone, ever.

Arm yourself and become proficient at using a weapon.  Seems counterintuitive for those calling for gun control but there is a reason, there are very bad people out there that want to do you harm - more out there than you could possibly imagine.

Lock your doors and absolutely don't open them for strangers.

Women - if you are with a man that is not the father of your children, do not allow yourself to become impaired in any way, it is usually during that time your children will likely be victimized.  Do not leave your children alone with a man, only after he has proven himself to hold you and your child's interests foremost. 

Gang members hold allegiance to their gangs, not to their partners, and will do harm to their own women if the gang decrees she has "done something wrong."  I have read more than one case where a gang member's woman, pregnant with child, was terminated in the most horrific way. 

Of course, the tendency is to think, "It will never happen to me or my family," and with Godspeed and good luck it perhaps never will, but take a moment to think of those who have suffered, say a prayer for them and stay safe.


  1. I would like to add a couple of things. I am, by no means, an expert, but I've been training in martial arts for many years.
    *Aim to do as much damage as you can with the least amount of effort. Everyone has seen a "fight" that ended up being a lot of wild punches and hair pulling. Think about the most vulnerable places on your attacker's body and aim for it. Eye, ears, nose, throat, solar plexis, groin, kneecap, shin, top of the foot.You're not trying to knock them out, you want them to stop so you can get away.
    *If you are uncomfortable carrying a gun, I recommend pepper spray.Make sure you practice using it.There are self defense classes out there that will train you how to carry and use it.
    *If someone pulls a gun on you and demands your purse, don't just hand it to them.Throw it as far as you can and run like hell in the other direction.Possessions can be replaced.
    *If someone pulls a gun on you and demands that you go to another location, DO NOT GO.The chance of someone raping/fatally shooting you goes up dramatically when taken to a second location.
    *Don't be afraid to be mean. As women, we are taught to be nice and polite. If your gut is telling you something is wrong, listen to it. Scream, yell,go off. Attackers are looking for weak targets-they don't want anyone who will put up a big fight.
    *If you're looking for more ways to defend yourself, Krav Maga is a great martial art to try.It is a Israeli self defense program and anyone at any age/limitation can do it.I encourage you to find a class.
    Hope that helps

  2. lock the doors. It seems like a simple thing to do, but I can't begin to tell you how many students don't do it. Here's something else they do: have a party and let strangers into their houses, then wonder why they got burgled a couple of day later. Be smart.