Friday, August 19, 2016

Monsters and Mugshots

Pokémon Go players - my newest discovery is Incense that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes. While it didn't attract any rare or unusuals, I did throw pokeballs during my lunch hour while sitting on a park bench. 

I hatched a couple of eggs, earned some type of 3 egg hatching medal but still don't know what to do with it.  I also powered up and evolved a few of my Pokémon. Again, I don't know why, just seemed like the thing to do. 

On to Instagram, as noted in my previous post, my newest social media move. Having completed an incredibly fun challenge with a quilting group, my next group of daily prompts originate from beginning September 15th.

While not the most inspired prompts, it will be interesting to see what the other participants come up with. Maybe I can throw some mischief into the mix and create an uproar.

Ending with baby doll mugshots, because sometimes you feel like a train wreck by week's end.  These three inmates are currently offered for sale on

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  1. Oh those poor dolls! But indeed, I did feel a bit like a train wreck at the end of this week ...